​My current research interest is broadly geometric and topological data analysis. I am currently a post doc at the Institut for Matematiske fag at Aalborg University, working chemists to understand structure in disordered materials. 

I completed my PhD at the Australian National University and the University of Sydney, and my supervisors were Dr Kate Turner, Dr Vanessa Robins, Professor Stephan Tillmann and Dr Jonathan Spreer. I completed a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) at the University of Sydney, and my honours thesis was in Algebraic Geometry, supervised by Dr Emma Carberry, after which I completed a Master of Mathematical Sciences at ANU with Kate.

I identify as a mathematician masquerading in data science and statistics. My main interests include (algebraic) geometry, (algebraic) topology, and how these can be used in data analysis. Recently, I have focused on object reconstruction, object classification, and relating morphological features to physical properties. These types of problems arise in biology, biophysics, chemistry, and geospatial analysis.


  • Rasmus Christensen, Yossi Bokor Bleile, Søren Sørensen, Christophe Biscio, Lisbeth Fajstrup, and Morten Smedskjaer, Medium-Range Order Structure Controls Thermal Stability of Pores in Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks' , The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. (doi)
  • Yossi Bokor Bleile, Towards Stratified Space Learning: 2-complexes, arXiv preprint, 2023. (PDF, doi)
  • Yossi Bokor, Geometric and Topological Shape Analysis: Investigating and summarising the shape of data, PhD Thesis, Australian National University and the University of Sydney, 2023. (PDF, doi)
  • Yossi Bokor, Katharine Turner, Christopher Williams, Reconstructing linearly embedded graphs: A first step to stratified space learning. Foundations of Data Science, 2021. (PDF, doi)
  • ​Yossi Bokor, Daniel Grixti-Cheng, Markus Hegland, Stephen Roberts, and Katharine Turner, Stratified Space Learning: Reconstructing Embedded Graphs, 2019. (PDF, doi
  • Yossi Bokor, Resolving Singularities of Plane Algebraic Curves, Honours Thesis, University of Sydney, 2017. (PDF)

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