I write code in a variety of languages, including C++, Julia, Python and Rust. Below are some publicly available projects I have either contributed to or maintain.

  • Correa (maintainer): written in C++ with Python bindings. Correa is a package to analyse simple closed curves in the plane using a variety of methods from geometry and topology. Developed with Patrice Koehl
  • Oineus (contributor): written in C++ with Python bindings. Oineus is an implementation of shared-memory parallel computation of persistent homology as in Towards lockfree persistent homology.  It can also calculate kernel, image and cokernel persistence as in Persistent Homology for Kernels, Images and Cokernels
  • Skyler  (maintainer):  Julia package which identifies the coarsest abstract graph structure underlying a point cloud, and models it. Currently, we are restricted to graphs with linear edges which satisfy conditions detailed below. See the paper Reconstructing linearly embedded graphs: A first step to stratified space learning.
  • DiscretePersistentHomologyTransform (maintainer): Julia package for calculating the Persistent Homology Transform.
  • Eirene (contributor): Julia package for persistent homology.
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